Mexican Tramadol 100Mg: Summer – think about your legs. Vascular Diseases



Mexican Tramadol 100Mg: Summer - think about your legs. Vascular Diseases

Summer – think about the legs. Vascular Diseases

We talked about this with the highest category surgeon-phlebologist, Ph.D. Igor Alexandrovich Tsarenko.

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– How does summer affect our veins?

In the hot season, people with dysfunctional veins should be especially careful. Summer increases the risk of thrombophlebitis, veins can respond to temperature extremes, crossings. Air travel and bus travel can pose a serious danger: a long sitting position causes a condition known as “deep vein thrombosis,” which can lead a healthy externally to a hospital bed. Therefore, a visit to a phlebologist for people who really care about their health is simply a must.

– But I heard that in summer it is better not to cure veins. So is Mexican Tramadol 100Mg it?

No, not at all. In the summer you should not carry out large operations – phlebectomy. But this is just one of the methods of treatment, and we help most patients without surgery. Moreover, it is enough for many to take preventive measures – special compression knitwear, reduction of water load, selection of a training regimen. All this, in conjunction with the appointment of drugs, relieves swelling, pain, heaviness. So the phlebologist can be visited all year round.

– However, in the heat of compression knit wear heavy. Yes, and I do not want to limit myself in the liquid in summer. What other methods of struggle with varicose veins does phlebology offer?

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There is a particularly fashionable development that allows you to quickly and painlessly alleviate the condition of our patients – lymphatic drainage massage. It can be performed at any time, and it significantly improves the condition of the legs.

Mexican Tramadol 100Mg: Summer - think about your legs. Vascular Diseases

– You call lymphatic drainage massage “fashionable”. What he deserved such popularity?

The fact is that this massage has not only a therapeutic, but also a cosmetic effect. He can even adjust the figure …

– What is this procedure?

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Lymphatic drainage massage sessions are a fairly Tramadol 100Mg pleasant procedure. The patient lies down, and special inflatable lymphatic draining stockings are put on his legs, into which air is injected in a certain order. At this time, you can relax, read a book, doze. The duration of the session is on average one hour. In total, you need to spend about 10 sessions – every other day or every day.

– What is the result?

It can be said that the condition of the legs is greatly improved. Edema is removed, leg heaviness disappears. From this man feels better. And, besides, the volume of a shin, hips decreases.

– How much?

Mexican Tramadol 100Mg: Summer - think about your legs. Vascular Diseases

After the first session, usually 1-1.5 centimeters. At the end of the course, after 10 sessions, in our clinic we managed to achieve a reduction in volume to five centimeters, using only massage.

– Is the result stable?

Yes, the effect of lymphatic drainage massage is very good. The result depends generally on the condition of the venous system of the legs. If we use lymphatic drainage massage as a restorative method after treatment of varicose disease, the result will remain forever. If the problem is not completely resolved, the method allows to “wait out” summer time or another period when the woman would not like to be distracted by the operation, while keeping her legs beautiful and healthy for at least 4-5 months.

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– Particularly relevant in the holiday season, problems with veins in the legs are not only swelling. Many are unhappy with spider veins, pigmented areas, veins, see-through through the skin. With this, nothing can be done quickly?

Can. The simplest – “spider veins” – can be removed by microsclerotherapy. All this defect and traces of the actual therapeutic intervention completely disappear by the end of the fourth day after the procedure.

After sclerotherapy, the pigment spots that appear on top of Tramadol 100 varicose veins also go away. This does not happen so quickly, but steadily.

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– What is this intervention?

Mexican Tramadol 100Mg: Summer - think about your legs. Vascular Diseases

The affected veins are not removed, as during surgery, but are “stuck” with special preparations administered with a syringe, which helps to improve blood flow in healthy vessels.

– And if an operation is necessary, is it already a long-term disability, a large recovery period, hospitalization?

Not necessary. Our clinic has developed a new type of surgical intervention in combination with vein sclerosis. When performing such an operation, the patient leaves the clinic on the same day on his feet. The next day, the patient can already return to his usual rhythm of life.

In any case, I consider it necessary to emphasize: if you have any of which you should definitely have a qualified phlebologist. Competent specialist will tell you how to get around a lot of pitfalls.

– For example?

Let’s say you should be wary of epilation. In no case can resort to methods related to heating, in doubt photoepilation. It is impossible to walk into a solarium with dilated veins on the legs or lie in the sun, in short, it is forbidden to violate the temperature regime.

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“But after all, we may not be aware of the disease that has begun and thus harm ourselves …”

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Yes. Therefore, even before the appearance of visible dilated veins, just with a feeling of heaviness in the legs, fatigue, or cosmetic defects, you should immediately consult a doctor-phlebologist.

Source: Phlebology Medical Institution

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