Tramadol For Sale Online: Cancer Treatment Shooting at a moving target. Oncology



Tramadol For Sale Online: Cancer Treatment Shooting at a moving target. Oncology

Cancer treatment – shooting at a moving target. Oncology

During the course of radiation therapy, the skin turns red, and in the mouth tick. This will take place immediately after completion of treatment. However, there are also irreversible changes. For example, taste buds, salivary glands are affected, problems with swallowing occur. We direct the radiation as close as possible to the tumor and reduce these side effects. Especially dry mouth caused by a decrease in the production of Tramadol For Sale Online saliva. This means that patients can talk, eat and drink normally.

You said you started developing this method 15 years ago. Why hasn’t Tramadol For Sale Online been done before? Or the technology was not ready yet?

– Yes, the main reason that made possible the emergence of a new form of radiotherapy is the Buy Tramadol Online technology development. In the past, very simple forms of radiotherapy were used. The oncological disease could be cured, but the patient’s health was also harmed. We realized that if you use not one beam, but a lot of Tramadol 50Mg For Sale, you can get the best result. However, this idea required fast data processing on a computer, since it is necessary to calculate the trajectory not for one or two rays, but immediately for a hundred. So it required a breakthrough in the field of computer hardware and software, which happened in the late 90s. In addition, the device itself had to be rebuilt in such a way that 100 small rays could be emitted at once, and not one or two large rays. This also requires a certain level of technology development.

How accurate is radiotherapy now? Well, if you compare it with a weapon, is it a machine gun or a sniper rifle?

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This is the Order Tramadol Online sniper rifle. Let’s imagine a patient has a grape-sized tumor. We will direct the beam around this affected area, that is, the target will be the tumor itself and a few millimeters around it. Thus, we avoid harming healthy cells.

At our first meeting, you said that Russia lags behind the UK in the field of radiation Tramadol For Sale therapy by about 10 years. How did you find this?

I mainly relied on my experience. As an oncologist, I meet with my colleagues – people from all over the world come and discuss the development of treatment methods. From time to time I meet with oncologists from the former Soviet Union countries and from Russia. I understand that this form of radiotherapy is available only in a few clinics in the largest Russian cities, but is not available for the majority of the population. She is simply not in the oncology centers of Tramadol For Sale Online. Many Russians Buy Tramadol Online Cheap prefer to come to us for treatment, because we really have modern technology and academic knowledge how to use it. By the way, not only patients from Russia, but also from many other Buy Tramadol Online countries come to us.

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Tramadol For Sale Online: Cancer Treatment Shooting at a moving target. Oncology

How long is the course of treatment?

Treatment usually lasts 6-7 weeks. The patient comes to us every day from Monday to Friday. In order to undergo a course of radiotherapy, a person will have to spend at least two months in the UK. From the moment of our first meeting with the patient to the start of treatment, developed specifically for his illness, it takes from one to two weeks. For example, if Tramadol Online came to me today as a patient, we would start treating you after two weeks. This time is necessary to develop individualized treatment, which will depend on the size and location of the tumor. After completing the course, side effects will disappear in 4-6 weeks.

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What questions do patients most often ask you?

They are always primarily concerned with the cure of cancer. Then – side effects. How severe they can be during these 6 weeks of treatment. Long-term side effects they are less interested. I always explain what the risks are, what the treatment is and what its possible consequences are.

What do you offer to patients is the most effective treatment at the moment?


In the world?

Tramadol For Sale Online: Cancer Treatment Shooting at a moving target. Oncology

Yes. Of course, there are patients who are treated differently. For example, surgically. However, in most cases, a tumor in the throat does not allow for surgery due to its proximity to large vessels. So How Strong Is Tramadol 50Mg that yes – we have the most effective treatment.

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And what could be next?

Most of our patients with throat cancer can be cured. About two thirds. However, we must develop a treatment for those whose tumor defies radiotherapy. There are a small number of people whom radiation treatment does not help. Buying Tramadol Online Cheap. We are thinking how to help them. What to choose treatment, what to add to radiotherapy? Perhaps a combination of radiotherapy with chemotherapy will be effective.

How do you see the development of treatment in the future?

Breakthroughs happen all the time. For example, we often use special software that allows us to very quickly calculate the necessary trajectory for the direction of the rays. The same principle is used in video games when we control the situation in real time with the joystick. Imagine a virtual battle. The enemy moves around the screen. The player shoots Online Pharmacy Tramadol at this moving target. And we have a similar problem with cancer. Our enemy is a tumor inside the body. For example, in the lungs, cancer cells move during respiration. We know that. We use a scanner, we see the movement of the tumor. And if we use software that game makers use, we can find out where the cancer cells go – and destroy them. The question of the spread of this technique is a matter of the next 5-10 years.

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Do you accept all patients? Or there is a cancer stage at which you speak – excuse me, our treatment will not help.

Radiation is a Buy Tramadol local treatment. It is suitable for those who have the tumor in one place. If the cancer Tramadol Online Overnight has already metastasized, then it is better to use chemotherapy.

Tramadol For Sale Online: Cancer Treatment Shooting at a moving target. Oncology

Chris, you face a borderline situation between life and death every day. How do you emotionally handle this?

It’s very hard. However, patients are much worse off than me. That they have to fight cancer, undergo a course of therapy and so on. However, I was lucky – the type of cancer I deal with is treatable. We have very high survival rates compared to other types of tumors. I feel great pleasure when I see my former patients Buying Tramadol Online healthy. I managed to help them.

And the last question. Now there are a lot of articles on cancer prevention. You can not drink, smoke and even eat red meat. They also recommend special food. What is your opinion on this?

Now a lot of information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And it is far from always based on verified facts. I would advise everyone not to smoke or abuse alcohol. These factors actually increase the risk of cancer. And of course, be careful with sunburn. However, much of what concerns “anti-cancer” diets, such as tips to exclude milk from the diet or eat only Buy Tramadol Without Prescription vegetables, does not have clear scientific justifications.

So you can eat bacon after all?


To arrange a consultation with prof. Nutting contact Tramadol For Sale AngloMedikal.

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