Tramadol: Healing heat and first date. Orthopedics



Tramadol: Healing heat and first date. Orthopedics

Therapeutic warmth and first date. Orthopedics

What is tramadol, how dangerous is it – and where is it illegal?

Who is not familiar with muscle pain in the back, lower back, shoulders, wrists. Many examples come to mind: a gym …, bags …, a suitcase. This is very unpleasant and always inappropriate. And the pain may occur at the most responsible and inappropriate moments in life. As happened with our heroine, an ordinary girl. And so, to ease the pain, our heroine …

We sat on the balcony and gossiped. The bright sun, blue ne6o, delightful spring smells – there was no power to work! Even our boss today was sympathetic to the fact that people continually excommunicate allegedly for some urgent business, but in fact they simply stand in front of the office or, like us, go to the balcony.

However, we have with my best friend (imagine, we work together), there was a good reason to leave. My friend, the secretary to the boss, had been complaining about pain in her wrist for several days. The problem is characteristic of many people who have to work hard at the keyboard. And today the hand is seriously ill. I promised to help quickly.

So what’s your miracle remedy? – she turned to me.

Tramadol: Healing heat and first date. Orthopedics

Look, this is TermaCare! Read, warming applicator.

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You act as in advertising! – What is he so magical? These things, with all sorts of peppers and other grass, my grandmother used. Will not help!

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I, to enhance the impression, remembered my date. Eh … Do you remember my date a month ago? That, the first, with Oleg?

Of course I remember! You then started dating. And TermaCare here and ?! Gives a special appeal?

No, better! Listen carefully! Even before the New Year, I started dancing. First, try a little. Then she got involved – this is interesting, and she tightens her muscles well, and in general, for tone and mood. In February, at one of the dance forums on the Internet, I met Oleg. At first they swooped in the network, then began to correspond, and then he suddenly wrote that he was planning to come to us and would very much like to meet in person. I honestly panicked. I really liked him in absentia, I wanted to make an impression. Well, you understand.

Tramadol: Healing heat and first date. Orthopedics

I understand, of course. You walked like a somnambulist for two weeks, chose all outfits.

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Not only outfits. I also trained like mad. You know, before the date, every gram seems superfluous, and every fold grows into Everest. In general, daily classes, a couple of days before his arrival – a new haircut, a visit to the beautician, masks, baths … You know, the day before I realized that I could not bend or straighten because of severe back pain, I almost not upset. Well, a date cannot be successfully held, if you wait for him like that and prepare for it like that! Why the back hurt – is understandable. Excessive stress, stress, and maybe blew somewhere slightly, I already faced with this. But you will not go on a date, rolled up in a belt of dog hair and two downy shawls, crooked like an old grandmother!

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And what helped ?! But your back hurt, and my hand …

Do not interrupt! These are my favorite memories, by the way. In general, I dragged to the pharmacy. A date – a date, but the back should be treated. It was next funny. They offer me pepper plaster – I explain that I have delicate skin, immediately the inflammation begins. They do not give up, they start warming ointments and gels to advise – and I am allergic to almost all of them, especially with all sorts of herbs in the composition. All right, they say, we have a wonderful option for you – without medicinal components in general! And they give me this package. I wouldn’t buy it, but it has such a convenient form, I immediately appreciated it from the picture! Not a plaster – it is called a warming applicator (I would never have thought that I could pronounce it), but it is in the form of a belt, you understand, which can be adjusted in size and nothing needs to be glued and peeled off on the skin

How does he act? You say it yourself – without medication at all!

Tramadol: Healing heat and first date. Orthopedics

I already later, at home, read the instructions and looked on the Internet. In general, there are several components. If they come into contact with air, they react and begin to generate heat. What is remarkable – it is heat that is obtained – the temperature is 40 ° C, it does not burn. And this temperature is maintained for 8 hours when you wear it, and the effect continues for 8 hours after the belt is removed! Deep warming is what you need! And there is also an applicator that warms up just for the neck, shoulder, and wrist. It is in the form of another for these places.

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In general, put this TermaCare on the back and lay down for a couple of hours. Then I look – my back has become easier. I thought and thought, tried to wear a dress – nothing is visible! And there is no smell, and then you remember how all these warming ointments smell! I got heels – I can go! And not even bent over. So it went. You will not believe, in the evening I even managed to dance!

With a band-aid?

With Oleg! And TermaCare on the back was, yes. I even took pictures. Suddenly someone else will help in this situation. In short, girlfriend, you need medical heat on hand. Think and go work. And then spring in spring, but the chief will not wait long.

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